Friendlish Features

We have taken the app off the Apple Store for now while we upgrade and make the app better.


Import ONLY the friends you want to keep track of, not all facebook or address book friends. Add friends to your favorites list & sort them by who you've known the longest.


Set different types of reminders for each friend; call, facebook message, email or text. You can take these actions from within the app & continually update the last time you've contacted a friend.

Custom Events

You can easily set events with one or more friends as well as notify and invite them to your plans. You can choose to post your events on facebook and tag the friends you want.


Get notified if you have not contacted an imported friend for a certain period of time. You can set different time periods for each friend.

Personal Network

Edit each friend profile, last time contacted, friends since, small and private notes as well as any other information that you have access to.


Signup with facebook or email, easily update the information you share with your friends, ensures privacy and security and easy access to support.

The inspiration behind the project

Friendlish was born mostly out of frustration for a great app that binds friends with reminders...

Ralph François


I am Jayden but you can click on the links below to visit my dad's social pages & say hi!

We started experimenting with different apps but none met our needs. So we created Friendlish out of that frustration. The simplest solution, an app that would remind you if you have not contacted a friend for a certain period, you can set events with one or more friends & remind you to follow through.


We hope you enjoy the project as much as we do.

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